is located in the East of Africa and is one of very few countries in the world, located right on the Equator. Its diverse landscape and vegetation are home to many wild animals and many bird species.

In the south of Uganda are Lake Victoria and the source of the river Nile, which is one of the longest rivers in the world. The source of the Nile is right at Lake and is feeding the river by about 30%. 70% of the river comes from the lake. From the source of the river is, it takes about 3 months of a journey for the water to reach the Mediterranean Sea.

On its journey north, the River Nile flows through many lakes and some waterfalls. One of these is the well-known Murchison Waterfalls in the West of Uganda. The Murchison National Park is also one of the biggest National Parks in Uganda. While the west of Uganda hosts many national parks, the eastern part is mostly ignored by tourists.

In east Uganda are the Pian Upe Game Reserve and in the northeast the Kidepo National Park, which is more popular. Pian Upe Game Reserve is also well worth visiting. It hosts a lot of wild animals and a lot of birds. Even the roan Antelope can be found only in Pian Upe. The Cheetahs, which is the fastest cat in the world, are also most likely found in Pian Upe.

Mount Elgon

But just north of Lake Victoria, very close to the border of Kenya is Mount Elgon. This mountain was once one of the biggest mountains in the world, even bigger than the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

With time passing, the top of Mount Elgon collapsed and is now just under the big 10, but still has a caldera, which is one of the biggest. Mount Elgon offers some opportunities for hikers, many even call it hikers paradise. But there is also a region, on the northwestern edge of Mount Elgon, the district Kapchorwa, which offers a lot to explore too. Waterfalls, like the Sipi Falls in Sipi or the Chebonet Clear Waterfalls, are worth visiting. The Sipi Falls is 3 Waterfalls in stages, which all can be seen during a hike.


Sipi is also one of the regions, where the best arabica coffee in the world is grown. Most coffee lovers don’t even know that the best Arabica coffee comes from Mount Elgon and the Sipi / Kapchorwa region.

When visiting Uganda, it is a great opportunity to get to know much more about this region. Rafiki Lodge Sipi offers a perfect accommodation to stay while exploring Sipi. While most activities in Sipi can be done in a short time and some can easily be combined, there is also a great opportunity to visit the Pian Upe Game Reserve, starting from Sipi.

The Pian Upe Game Reserve can be easily reached by car and after the safari game drive, you can return to Sipi, to Rafiki Lodge Sipi.

In Pian Upe Game Reserve you do not find many accommodations, but it is not far from Sipi. Therefore it is even one more reason to visit the east of Uganda and visit Sipi.

We, at Rafiki Lodge Sipi, will be happy to welcome and accommodate you.

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